Studio Booking and Access

To make a studio booking feel free to phone us on 0207 1831600 or use our online booking form below. Please phone if we don’t reply soon.

Review the live availability calendar and pick your desired dates.

How it works:

  1. We will pencil an available date for you
  2. A studio booking can only be confirmed once payment has been made
  3. Payment must be made up front
  4. All payments are made via invoice and this can be easily paid online
  5. If you enquire after a date that is already pencilled and you can confirm, we need to revert to the first pencil to “use or lose.”
  6. Please note: FULL DAY bookings take precedent over HALF DAY bookings.

On rare occasions we may receive a full day booking enquiry for a date with an existing half day booking. In this circumstance we will ask the half day booking to upgrade to a full day to secure the date, or move an alternative date.

To avoid disruption, we will not do this for any paid booking 3 days before the date in question.

If you are the person enquiring after the full day, you must be prepared to confirm and pay for the date if a half day booking needs to be moved.

Bloomsbury film studio booking London easy access

Changes and cancellations

For information on cancellations or changing the date of a booking please refer to our Terms and Conditions.